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Clean up our community, ditch G2A. In case people aren't aware, G2A is a grey market game key retailer who deliberately turn a blind eye to the fact that the vast majority of game keys they sell are stolen. The way this works is keys are usually purchased with a stolen credit card and resold before the victim cottons on the fact and issues a ....

BruceDeorum. • 10 mo. ago. i'd say no, dont. Seller has the option anytime to reclaim the account and the mail he gave you even if you change your passwords. Also its against steam ToS so you never know what will happen next. For me the small discount doesn't worth the risk and problems you will get into. 1.Lootup is a fun way to pass time and make a little money. If you already belong to a few get-paid-to sites, add this site to your list! Lootup is a fun way to pass time and make a ...

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Definitely, though some sites kinda like G2A are fine as far as I can tell. G2A is a problem because people can sell their own keys. Anyone can sell on G2A. There are also sites selling keys that they got legitimately. I've used Offgamers and CDKeys in the past and as far as I can tell their keys are legitimate and fully legal.G2A is cancer. Would rather pay more for whatever on steam or anywhere rather than G2A. Not at all. G2A and other grey market sellers are bad for the industry as a whole. It's a scam, and using g2a hurts developers, sometimes pretty bad. It's not. Like 5 or 10% legit. G2A is not a legitimate key seller.G2A is a scam, although they pretend to have a customer protection plan. It works like this: Your complaint must go to the seller. If the seller replies - even if he just says eff you - he fulfilled his duty. After a week, you are ALLOWED …G2A is sorta like Ebay in terms of risk. It's kinda grey. There's no doubt that there are some stolen keys floating around there, but I mean, if you were going to steal keys, or w/e, it would make more sense to go for a major release where there's a market, like BF1 or CODIW. I can't really see them targeting Rocksmith with something like that...

CDKeys. 👍🏻. 75% works 25% don't. Your credit card data has a decent chance of being stolen. The keys are real and likely work. They're just stolen. CD keys easy to fraud and get refunds while keeping the purchased keys. There is no risk man, they work. Have bought loads of games and will continue to do so.It is also important to note that publishers developers are not being supported by buy from shady sites like Gaming Dragons. Pay the $59.99 for a legit game as oppose to saving a few bucks from a shady business. 1. Award. Share. 13 votes, 30 comments. 31K subscribers in the GameDealsMeta community. GameDealsMeta.The problem is the seller only has a 76% rating. The next cheapest option is £90.72 with 98% rating. I’d prefer the premium subscription. 3 15. r/g2a: Welcome to the official subreddit of G2A.COM - the World's Largest Marketplace for Digital Entertainment.r/MMORPG is an online community dedicated to all things massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). Here, MMO enthusiasts gather to discuss their favorite games, share news, insights, and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for immersive online gaming experiences. 256K Members.r/AlgorandOfficial. Official community for Algorand - World’s first open source, permissionless, pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol designed for the future of finance. Founded by Turing Award-winning cryptographer Silvio Micali. Algorand runs on a highly energy-efficient network and is carbon neutral.

The infamous Madhouse of Reddit! 🤯 This place celebrates the Batman Arkham series as well as the subreddit's infamous jokes and insanity that have taken the internet by storm! We welcome a range of posts, from serious posts about the Arkham games, to gameplay and screenshots as well as Non-Arkham memes and shitposts as long as they follow ...The Premium Edition is actually cheaper on Fanatical than on Greymarket Sellers. Yeah its like 19% off with the code, and keys have already been sent out. and no tax in some regions. i saved 40cad total on premium compared to buying on steam! I got 17% off the premium edition at greenman gaming.It's not a scam. Buying and selling Fortnite or any Epic Account is against the rules. It says its against the rules on like every loading screen. They realized you bought an account from someone and banned it. Don't buy epic accounts in general unless you really know what you're doing. 1. ….

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I've had a few games from g2a get removed from my account because they were purchased with stolen card info and I had to prove that I purchased through a 3rd party website. Xbox is much less forgiving and if you use a stolen key you can get permanently banned. So it's a risk. 4. Ondratser.eeddspeaks. • 8 yr. ago. I bought few skins from g2a yesterday. Worked perfectly, waited maybe max 10minutes for every skin to reach my account after the payment was done. Remember to compare prices between g2a, OPskins and Steam marketplce before you buy anything so no one will rip you off! :)

Probably not. Lots of pll had issues being sold a trial key from this game thru G2A so id beware. U could end up having to purchase twice. Saw a post befor from a guy that got the game taken away he also bought it on g2a. I saw a post today from someone claiming they bought from G2A and their game code was revoked.So basically this is what I surmise. World_of_games is just a spoof account created by g2a itself to sell products on its own platform without taking responsibility for the blowback of bad feedback. Additionally they give themselves an edge over sellers on the website by spoofing feedback in their favor.

movies madison heights mi g2a is known to have sold shady keys in the past and probably still do so now, if you purchase game time there and it ends up being paid for with a stolen credit card or something you could find yourself banned. The risk is super small, but if you've put any decent amount of time into your account, why would you take that risk? i wouldn't.If you’re recently unemployed and looking for help with your rent, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 legitimate ways to access some extra cash. We may receive compensation from th... falken rt review3m headliner glue spray Anyways I got warned by a nice reddit user about the dangers of g2a gift cards and that got me quite worried. He said that if that card was somehow obtained illegally I could have all the balance redacted, my account locked and simillar things. I already spent all that money so id be in the negative, which I cant afford right now.It's not legit and kinda secure. I've never had any issues with them anyway. 1. Award. [deleted] • 3 yr. ago. It's a perfectly fine place to buy from. Find the game you want and choose from a reseller with good feedback. Pay with PayPal and you get your key instantly. does ut austin require css profile It's "legit" in the sense that you'll probably receive a real key, but that key was probably bought with a stolen credit card, or stolen another way. If it's a Steam Gift then they also probably used a hacked account/stolen Steam funds to buy the game when it was on sale to then re-sell. There's also a chance Valve will remove the key from your ...While G2A is a legit online business in the technical terms, remember that the products sold on the marketplace (game keys in this example) are only as good and legit as the sellers who source them and then later put them up on sale. The sellers themselves are on the other hand typically as good as the seller verification process on the ... 512 percocetjerome ford playerprofilerrin vtuber Contacted G2A support (I also have a G2A shield membership) but they didn't respond. Contacted the seller and while they did respond they told me I knew what I was buying. So I probably got screwed royally even with a G2A Shield membership. My advice, ALWAYS check the activation procedure and do not, I repeat, do not subscribe to G2A Shield. powerball december 13th 2023 G2A provides a platform that supports selling goods purchased with stolen credit cards and even provides extra "protection" that keys are legit by making you pay them more money for it. The keys purchased also do not support the developer at the point of purchase. fs22 horsesleft rear window regulatorkrown rust protection G2APay is legit, just like SkinBaron. But when you are from Australia you could also deposit via SWIFT Bank transfer, only downside is, that it might take a few days to arrive. Its legit. Its also painfully slow and fees are enormous if u are selling.